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He has a lot of power in his voice as well as some very soothing tones. Such an expressive voice. V 9 Comments 5 Colm Wilkinson To me, not only is he able to blow away this role with his amazing voice, he best portrays the tortured character that is the phantom as well. His portrayal so precisely captures the essence of whom the phantom is - his weaknesses and his power.

Colm is best able to evoke emotion from his audience by not only singing and acting the part but becoming the part. I remember watching him as phantom in the Canadian show and I got goosebumps! I was fortunate to see the Phantom in Toronto with Colm Wilkinson as the Phantom, but it has also a curse as well. There is no other that I have seen than even compares to Colm Wilkinson.

Best Phantoms In Phantom of the Opera

He not only has an incredible voice, but you could feel the pain in his character, portraying the torn soul that was the Phantom. Everything else will continue to pale in comparison.

phantom схема встройки best

The original and the best, saw him many times in Toronto. His performance as the Phantom inspired Ramin Karimloo as a child back when Toronto School kids were taken to see the Phantom on a regular basis. He is truly a lovable yet frightening Phantom one of the few actually scary ones , not to mention colorful with the bits of wit and humor he throws in.

phantom схема встройки best

He acts with subtle little details that makes his rendition of the character so real and breathtaking, as can be witnessed with every precise, significant, and elegant action and movement. As an actor, he is right up there with Michael and JOJ. Overall, Hugh still takes my 1 - spot, then JOJ again because of his superior vocals and then finally 3 - Michael.

He nearly brought me to tears when he sang The Music of the Night. He also portrays the Phantom with perfect wit and sarcasm.

Best phantom схема встройки видео

Raised the hairs on my neck when I saw him in New York. Ramin Karimloo is a very close second followed by Mchael Crawford. V 3 Comments 7 Anthony Warlow There are times in life when no words do a person justice.

This is one such time. Never cried so much at a show in all my life. His portrayal absorbs you into the performance with power and strength along with softness and emotion. Very seriously underrated as the Phantom. Compares well side-by-side, as at the anniversary performance.

His Final Lair always makes me cry, especially when he repeats "I love you.

He is the Phantom for me. His exceptional baritone voice gives the character an even more vivid depth Loved Norm as the phantom Operatic. His voice reminds me a bit of Crawford.

I love his voice and think his acting is great! Seen him as Phantome twice and He has an amazing voice and does a wounderous performance. The first time Davis Gaines played the lead and was very good. Then we wanted to hear Michael Crawford because we had heard that he was wonderful Crawford was ill and was replaced by Robert Guillaume Benson?

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Can Benson even sing? I just knew that we were going to be disappointed! Guillaume started to sing his first song! His voice sent chills down my spine March 16, at 3: He needs to mature more. Not a personal fan of Crawford, though he does have my respect for creating the role, he was far from being in my top I wonder where they are getting these figures from… Christine says: Butler did not do the roll justice and Panaro is fantastic.

Peter Karrie will always be my favorite. March 16, at 5: I miss him on the list. Mr Butler has nothing to do on the list!

March 16, at March 17, at 1: I agree with Gerard Butler as 3 because, even though his voice is not technically the best, his acting was superb — tragic, sensual, charismatic.

phantom встройки best схема

April 26, at 1: He is the first and foremost Phantom. All other players are a distant second. Michael defined the role and breathed life in to Erik.

встройки best phantom схема

Colm is ok but not the best. Gerard, not even a school boy singer. Not worth talking about.

Top 10 Actors Playing the Phantom

And how completely irresponsible of you to omit Hugh Panaro. Which, I think is a good thing. His singing actually makes my heart ache at the sad parts.

Wondeful job to all the Phantoms on the list, especially my dear favorites ranked 1 and 2. March 17, at I never even got to see him on stage because the show came out when I was both haha but the amount of emotion I can hear just from the CD tells me he was amazing. But I definitely agree Hugh Panaro should be on the list!

I finally got to see it in Broadway and his performance blew me away. He did decent, but definitely not on the top ten. March 18, at Aside from his absolutely stunning voice, he has been one of the very few who managed to re-define the character so well!

phantom встройки best схема

March 18, at 1: Why is Gerard Butler even on this list? March 18, at 3: I think Gerard Butler was very good in the style of the original, Steve Harley. I know all the arguments, he was supposed to be a lot older, etc. I thought Ramin did a great job of the stage version. Bobbie March 18, at 3: March 19, at 4: Except for the addition of Bowman and Butler.


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